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We begin each year by asking, seeking and praying about what role God wants us to play in building His kingdom. The Bible shows us that Jesus gave all He had to reach the lost—and that there is no greater love than this. We believe obedience to Christ requires that we live obediently as we give God His tithe (first 10 percent or our income), and as we give generously above and beyond that to invest in His Kingdom through Kingdom Builders. 

As Kingdom Builders, our goal is to invest in three main areas: Local Church Expansion, Future Christian Leaders and Global Missions. Thank you for giving to Kingdom Builders. You are helping build the kingdom

Where we give:

Extreme Family Outreach
Teen Challenge Baltimore
Easter Outreach- Egg Hunt
Summer Outreach- VBS

Fall Outreach- Trunk or Treat 

Potomac Youth Alive- Arin Nicholson
Chi Alpha College Ministry- Mike Godzwa
Church Match College Scholarships

Global Univ. Missionary Gary Seevers
Global Univ. Missionary Andrew Whitman

Summer Missions Trip

Speed the Light
Boys & Girls Missionary Challenge
Convoy of Hope

Lauren Tomko- Arab World
Daniel & Christine Choe- Arab World
Mark & Holly Brantley- Eurasia

Mike & Cindy Edson- Eurasia
Thomas Westpetal- Eurasia
Warren Van Dolsen- Europe

Michael Tyler- Germany
(Missionary Partner)
- India
(Missionary Partne
r#2)- India

Caleb & Angelina Olsen- Italy
Alex Humphreys- Japan

David Olson- Latin America
Aaron & Heather Santimyre- Madagascar
Diane Law- Micronesia
Rodney & Aida Stine- Philippines

Rick & Elaine Caswell- Senegal

Ariel Rainey- Spain
Mark Cannon- Spain
Ariel Rainey- Spain
Megan & Tatupu Fiti- Tonga


Becky Pucher, Chaplain to the Elderly

Shannon Rust, Chaplain to Truck Drivers

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